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WRD Coilover Review, Under 23" FTG Easily.

Hello all!

I don't normally post much over here on VW Vortex, I kind of just creep around and I thought I'd share my experience with a newer company by the name of WRD.

I was browsing the Vendor Classifieds one day, searching for some deals on Coilovers since I was sick of the drop (Or lack of) with my H&R Super Sports.

I came across the for sale advertisement of the WRD Advantage Street Coilovers, and gave it some thought about trying out. Based on other reviews; a lot of people were loving their purchase of these coilovers. So, after speaking with CarNut84GTi - I decided to pull the trigger.

Now, before you go all "Oh my god, you get what you pay for" or "Should of saved and bought this brand instead". I'm a full time student, working part time at almost minimum wage with a 2 month old daughter and my wife is on Maternity. So I'm all for a nice bang for your buck modification, and we had some extra cash - But back on topic..

I purchased these Coilovers on a Sunday night and they arrived Tuesday around 3PM. Amazing shipping and customer service from CarNut84GTi and WRD.

I picked these up from the border (Used a parcel service to take advantage of Free US Shipping) and on my way home I came. When I opened the incredibly compact box, I was impressed by the quality and solidity of the coilovers. Everything was packaged and organized ever so neatly aswell..

*On to the install!*

I've done a couple installs on my car already so I was fairly familiar with the install process. Fronts took me about 3 hours due to complications with removing stock struts but while putting the new WRD Coilovers in, I had no issues what so ever.
The welds were beautiful and it fit nice and snug. Bolted my new strut bearings up aswell and in they went.
Rears were just as easy, took me about 45 minutes combined for the rear.

I dropped the car, took it for a spin and was shocked how nice they rode.. Not bouncy, not too stiff.. Handled my daily driving route like a champion! I'm so incredibly impressed by these coilovers and what this company has brought to the playing field.

Now for the real test..

-Jacked the car up.
-Removed Front helper springs.
-Spun front to the lowest setting.
-Removed rear locking ring, spun to the lowest setting. (at first I removed the perches completely but I was scraping my CTS Turbo Catback too much.. I didn't want to hurt that beauty too much)
-Threw the wheels back on and this is the result.

One at night time, when I was leaving school.

So far the measurements are at:
22 7/8" Front (I didn't remove the top spring perch where it meets the Strut bearing, so these can drop another 1" easily in the front..
23 1/8" Rear (removing the perches completely brings it down to 22 3/8 .. )

Suspension still hasn't settle just yet. It's only been about a week, I think it'll settle only a tiny bit more though.

Stock 225/45/17 VW Classix.
I have a minor pull on the front with the fender screw mod.
I also plan on getting a notch done due to the axle making sweet love to my frame.

I must say, I was completely expecting a crap ride with this height, but it didn't change.. It's still extremely comfortable and my wife says it rides better than the H&R SS's on stock struts. Which is a bonus because; Happy Wife = Happy Life. :laugh:

Overall, this Coilover system is absolutely an amazing bang for your buck and I definitely recommend WRD USA!

Amazing work WRD, hopefully my purchase and review will help you guys grow.
A big thanks to CarNut84GTi for being such an awesome help and keep up the great work! :thumbup::D

Sorry for crappy cell phone pictures.

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Little update:

I raised it up in the front by about 5/8's and the rear about 3/4 inch or so.

Rides so much better, way comfier ride and handles WAY better now... More than likely because the suspension is taking load and my axle / frame isn't. Hah.

Bump for WRD! :thumbup::)

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Got mine on this weekend, love them. I need to raise a little but for now they are fine. I agree they ride great

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