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WRD Advantage Coilovers provide a perfect balance between comfort and performance. With threaded shock body's and perches they allows you to adjust the springs to give your VW or Audi the ride height you desire, lowering the center of gravity and increasing the performance and handling.

WRD Advantage Street
MK5 Rabbit/GTI/Jetta

Retail: $499.95
$399.95 SHIPPED within the continental United States

WRD Advantage Street+
R32/R/Jetta Sportwagen/Passat/CC/A3 Quattro/TT MKII Quattro

WRD Street+ Coilovers have upgraded springs manufactured in Germany utilizing the highest quality German alloy steel. This provides a significantly improved ride quality over all kits in it's category.
Retail: $599.95
$429.95 SHIPPED within the continental United States

Product Features

Lowering Range: 35mm to 70mm*
Warranty: 3 Year limited warranty**
Ride height adjustability for a more attractive stance and look
Reduces body roll and lower center of gravity for improve handling
Shocks valved to match our performance spring rates
Chrome finish for corrosion protection and a show quality appearance
Black powder coated springs
Black anodized billet aluminum hardware
Front Axle - Maximum Lowering (12 3/8 from center hub to fender)
Rear Axle - Maximum Lowering (11 7/16 from center hub to fender)
* Lowering ranges varying depending on vehicle modal and condition
** Professional installation recommended

Kit Includes

Two front threaded coilovers, chrome plated for corrosion protection and a show quality appearance with twin tube low pressure gas shocks insides.
Two front spring perches and locking rings hardware, anodized black.
Two front springs and two helper springs, powder coated black.
Two front shortened sway bar end links.
Two rear sport shocks matched to the springs and lowering range, black.
Two rear billet aluminum adjustable threaded spring perches, black anodized.
Two rear progressive rate springs, powder coated black.
Two coilover adjuster wrenches

An Example on one of our customers cars, lowered fully front and rear

How low these go, front and rear


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My friend just had these installed.
These go low and actually ride pretty nice. Not bad for 399!!!
Installed last night...
Initial Impressions: Well built and a very nice finish. Everything fits very nice without any modifications. Sitting at about 5 threads left up front and 7 in the rear(24.75in ftg front and 26in ftg rear). Rides firmer than stock but not overly stiff, in all fairness I also installed new wheels with lower profile tires which also add to the overall firmness. I was expecting them to be bouncy but was pleasantly surprised that was not the case. Overall very impressed with quality and initial ride. Will continue to adjust in order to level out ride height and report after I've driven it a bit more.

Okay here we go.
First off WRD was a great company to work with an did more than expected to help me out.
Ordered these Friday an had them the following Tuesday
I recived my coilovers and opened them like a 5yr old on Christmas.! Even if I'm 23! Lol
I unwrapped a great looking product an well packed aswell.

Then I took them to my local vw shop "Volkwerks" was a very smooth install an had no problems or headaches..

Yet I've only driven the car about 50-60 miles so far, and it rides so so great now very firm but not jaw rattling. Launches, handles leaps and bounds better then before.

As of now the front is all the way down with helpers still in, and about a 1 1/4 threads left in the rear. Should settle lower in some time.

: For shipping/customer service 10/10

: For fit and finish 9/10

: For ride quality "again on 50 miles or so" will update as miles are added 8-9/10

I decided to go ahead and right a review based on my experience so far regarding the WRD Advantage Coilovers that can be found here on the forums for sale.

To start off I would like to say that it was a pleasure dealing with CarNut84GTi, he was extremely helpful in answering all of my questions and concerns and was very prompt into returning my messages. I was deciding between the Solowerks and the WRD coils and after much consideration, I went through and purchased the WRD coils.

My only complaint would be the shipping time, however, I know coming from California to North Carolina does take some time, especially with UPS. I am not a fan of the shipping times that UPS has, I believe that FedEx is much more reliable and gets the packages delivered much faster, based on past experience, purchases and shipping.

Upon receiving, I inspected everything. Box was in excellent shape, all of the contents were accounted for and everything was packaged very well!

A buddy of mine and myself installed the suspension on a Saturday and everything went on with no issues, however, I was a little disappointed that the rear springs go in upside down and the perches are on the bottom. To adjust them was not easy - you have to unbolt the sway bar, unbolt the strut and remove the spring completely and then take out the perches and then adjust them off the car. (better measure first so you don't have to guess!!)

Ride Quality
I am EXTREMELY impressed with these coils!!! Even all the way down, 0 threads left front and rear, the ride was actually comfortable, and handling was what I hoped for - responsive. I would rate these as a mid level coilover and priced accordingly.
For them on a Jetta and my liking, the rear was too low so after a week of driving, I raised the rear up an inch. Definitely a lot happier! I have now put 2,000 miles on them in 2 weeks (yes, that is correct) and I am still amazed at the ride quality! I daily drive my car everyday for work, 10-12 hours a day, 5 days a week and I am not sick of the ride at all like I was with Racelands. I even took it on a 4 hour drive to Gatlinburg, TN and back over the weekend and the handling and ride was excellent!

great ride no even all the way down still 5 treads left up front and rear
was better then i dream of, im from nyc and even going over huge bumps it was ok
glad i bought :)
So I bought my WRD Coilover kit just before the previous sale ended. For the price they are hard to beat. This is the first set of coils I have owned so I wasn't entirely sure what to expect but I looked at it as if I bought another brand with adjustable dampening I would set it and never touch it again so I did my research on what brands were a good ride and I find people were generally pleased with the WRD coils, and rightfully so. I have mine set about 5 threads from the bottom with my FTG at around 23.5". I find the ride to be good but just a tad rough, which Is to be expected with coilovers. Id say these are a great coilover for people looking to get a good drop, with a pretty good ride and not pay all the money they have along with their first born child. Plus with the customer service these guys have you can't go wrong.
hey im running these, nothing but good things to say about them.

here's a couple of pics of my car with them on.

I've installed ST's, FK streetlines, and racelands ultimos and i like these better. so i got them for myself.

On time just as promised. I am blown away by the quality. I spent all day Saturday lowering my brothers 2010 BMW 535i with ST coils that cost much more and I was concerned of the quality. The perches on those are nylon plastic. Then I opened my box from WRD and I'm very happy. I have used several other brands but these seem nice. Thanks to the folks at WRD for a great product.

I'll throw myself in there. I've had these on for almost a year and I have zero complaints. I've driven from MO to Louisiana and all over with no problems. Highly recommended for the price!
Okay after I put 4,550 miles on these I think I've got enough information to give a proper review lol.

First off, fit and finish on these I'd rate an easy 9/10. Beautiful units, and they feel solid in your hands.
Install is like any other setup, the rear adjusters are located on the bottom side of the units so you have to set the height before you put them in. You can still adjust them once on the car, but you'll have to remove the bolt that holds the rear spring in place so you can get to the adjusters below the spring (sits down in the cup). Other than that, no problems with these guys at all.

During normal highway/interstate driving....they are SHOCKINGLY good! That was the biggest thing I noticed when I installed such an easily affordable set of coils. Normally in that class, it's pretty bad and super bouncy....not in the least bit here, not at all. Back roads or roads with imperfections are no problem at all, these ride shockingly nicely in all but the absolute worst possible conditions (aka, why are you even driving on a road like that, ever).

The only thing I could find that would upset the coils were roads that have small 'hills' of say 4-7" in height repeating in very short sections (think rolling hill) kinda like this --> ~~~ kinda hard to describe, but just large rolling bumps don't give the front end enough time to settle. It is NOT bouncy in this condition, don't misunderstand, it just goes over the first bump with no time at all to recover before the second so it's at the top of the travel, then another, then another. A seriously killer test on a suspension, and very unlikely you'll really encounter this almost literally ever.

Normal bumps are nothing, no crashing over bumps, no bouncing, it just rides nicely. The car stays pretty flat with the high spring rates, and is pretty responsive as well.

Overall I'd say these are absolutely worth the msrp of $599 without question, for $399 they are a freaking steal. I ran mine with about 1 finger gap between the fender and wheel. They may ride better for people who slam their cars, since the spring rates are clearly influenced by that crowd (the front springs are rated very high to maintain the ability to keep it from bottoming out easily). If you're on the fence, and you don't plan on tracking your car (not talking about a random AutoX event, but many events + track days), I hope this helps.

Are they as good as my Bilstein PSS B14's? No, but they also cost a hilariously 3/4 less, and they ride better for normal street driving and maybe a lil AutoX here and there. If you're doing more than that (almost none of you are) then of course you need to buy something made for that kinda life, but.....weigh the cost, how much do you REALLY believe you need the big money setup. I would not hesitate to recommend these to any of my friends, nor buy another set if I needed a nice street setup.

WRD :thumbup::thumbup:

It's all good! Install was pretty much a breeze minus removing the front struts! Just have to raise the rears a little.

Here's a pic.
Front all the way down with the helpers in.
Rears have about 1/4" of thread left.

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I really love the way that these feel while I'm driving as well as how the car looks while its parked. Thank you so much. Definitely a pleased customer.

Instagram: Fowler_18
Would highly recommend WRD coils. I had bought them as part of their promotional sale when they first came out and took a chance: I'm glad I did. :thumbup: I've had them on my car for maybe about 2.5 years now and they've held up well aside from one of the rear spindles seizing after driving through winter. They clear the wheel gap nicely, ride a bit firmer than stock, but I always get compliments from other dubbers on how comfortable they are over bumps. They keep the car nice and planted in the corners as well. Would buy again :thumbup::thumbup:

Starburst were appreciated lol. Threw them in after work today. Have to make some adjustments but just drove 40 miles in em and ride is pretty nice. Here are some before and afters.




More pics soon!

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Finally. Just a few more minor adjustments

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So I've had these installed for about a week now and gained enough knowledge to give a couple comments. First, these things handle MUCH better than the Fk street lines I had. They are not bouncy and are maybe 30% stiffer than stock. On these New York roads, I am pleased overall. The height variability is nice, at first I didn't think they would go that low but I'm almost tucking in the rear with 1/2 in of threads left solid suspension for the price and I would put these in the St suspension range in terms of performance. I also struggled with some installation issues and customer service was very helpful!

Just picked up and installed mine!

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