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Hi Fox fans!

Main fuel pump quit and sent some aluminum particles into the Fuel Distributor. There's some kind of a hole in there as well..tech didn't explain well..too bizzy!

So, if any of you out there has a CIS-E Fuel Distributor and Plate that is in good condition and working. Please give me a shout ASAP. Fox has been in the shop since 12/23/2019.

:rolleyes:Seeing there is so little interest anymore it seems in the US and most of the Fox wagons and Sedans have been crushed compounded by lack of parts and reliable knowledgeable techs to work on these wonderful cars. I may be on the road to moving onto another brand of automobile I am very sad to say after over two decades. :(

I'm not a FT mechanic and have only a few tools and no warm place to work on the Fox...

Hope everyone that makes the time to read this has a blessed and great New Year!

Thank all of you that have helped in the past resolving FOX issues and sharing some great photos and experiences.

Kind regards,
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