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In the market right now for a Manual 4dr GTI w/leather. Cash in hand, would prefer less than 50k miles on the car and hopefully in the east coast.
- Any Color
- None or VERY little modifications.
- 6spd manual
- 4dr
- leather
- less than $16k
- less than 50k miles.
- preferably huffs 17" or 18" (but this is not too high on the priority)
Does that sound too much like a fantasy to anyone?
Please entertain me with some offers.

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got a black 4dr leather 6 speed 47k lowered on hr springs with bilstien struts, hr front and rear swaybars. with neuspeed intake and ghl exhust with apr stage 1, lightly tinted and euro switch looking for 17,000.. still owe the bank that much :/
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