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Though I am not in a rush, I am looking for an Audi TTS to buy from a private seller (no NV sales tax if purchased from a private seller).

Below is what I need:

1) Needs B&O or Bose stereo (although if you have a quality aftermarket stereo, that's cool too)
2) Located in Southern California, Arizona, Southern Nevada, or Utah (i.e. I want to be able to see the car and drive it home) EDIT -- I would also consider Colorado or Northern California, too, or anywhere that is 12 hours or less away (by car) from Las Vegas. Possibly Pacific NW.
3) Purchasing from an individual (as opposed to a dealer -- no sales tax in Nevada this way)

Strongly Preferred (but not necessarily required)
1) 25,000-55,000 miles on odometer
2) Performance tune already installed (either by APR, GIAC, etc.)
3) Full Service Records

Additional value-added preferences
1) Additional engine mods (up to Stage 2+)
2) Quality aftermarket suspension
3) Qualify aftermarket stereo work
4) Quality aftermarket wheels
5) "Bright" exterior color (although I potentially am interested in buying the car in any color, bright or not).

Deal Breakers
1) More than about 65,000 miles on the car
2) Air-ride suspension installed
3) Huge engine builds, etc. (this will be a daily driver -- I don't want to deal with engine reliability issues)

So if your car falls into these preferences, and you are thinking about selling in the near future, shoot me a PM, and maybe we can work something out.

If not, that's fine too. Thanks for reading.

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I might have have your unicorn

I have a fully loaded, 2009 TTS with less then 15k Miles. It has been an a climate controlled garage for its entire life, up until the beginning of January. It has every single available option other then the Baseball optics package.
if you are interested send me a text 20tHREEE- 996 -854fOUR
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