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Re: WTB: bbs rm upgrades (higherpower72)

I have a complete package if you're interested.
-4 brand new polished lips. Two are 2.5" and two are 3". This would make your RMs 8.5 front and 9 rear iirc.
-125 new chrome bolts AND nuts. You only need 120 but I bought 125 for good measure. The nuts are also 6 point instead of 12 so finding the tools required to take these apart isn't an issue.
-4 new carbon fiber centre caps with BBS in 3d gold.
I bought all of this stuff from various sources, and cost me about $1300 to get it after shipping, import costs with border fees, tax, etc. I had the intention of redoing my RMs but sold them as is. I would like $1000 for all this stuff or less for individual parts. This is all the parts you need to refinish BBS RMs or BBS RS wheels, minus the paint for the centres.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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