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ON ****ING thanksgiving - they decide to rape my car.
****ing awesome. And they used a prybar to get the stereo out.
Smart. For my P-O-S wal-marrt stereo?
Anyway, I need the dash surround / bezel (whole thing) , and defroster/vent controls --not the brain part, but the face etc .. 91' GTI
I'm in the PNW if anyone is local,
get back to me.
Looks like this pretty much. (borrowed the pic off ebay, sorry!)

Modified by zeroboy at 11:28 AM 11-24-2006

Modified by zeroboy at 11:29 AM 11-24-2006

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Re: WTB: Dash bezel / surround etc.. (1.8T Mikey)

Quote, originally posted by 1.8T Mikey »
I have this.
IM sent.

I have that too with the climate control face and controls for $28 shipped. No cracks - all tabs intact. IM me or post if interested.
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