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Looking for a g60 Corrado.. near Tallahassee, FL.. Particularly one that doesn't require much bodywork/paint to look decent.
I have a 90 Corrado with a VR6 swap I am willing to trade.
Some facts about my Rado.. The previous owner.. A former vw mechanic did the vr6 swap and everything works perfectly.. less the A/C which needs a new compressor.. This car has been my DD for a year now and has NEVER missed a beat.. Starts up every time and runs smoothly. Recent compression test yielded really good results.. nearly "New" across all cylinders. I am only considering getting rid of it because I want an unmodified g60.
More about my Rado..
-94 obd1 vr6 from a passat
-Koni coilovers
-16" Borbet LS wheels with new general tires
-Passat glass sunroof (fully functional)
-new rear wheel bearings
-new rear calipers (mk4 aluminum with ss lines)
-new rear brembo rotors
-Por-15'd Floorpans
-Cold Air Intake (down through canister hole...)
-Pioneer UB6100 Deck
-Keyless Entry
-Suitcase muffler delete
-missing something... oh well

Car is currently wearing Urethane primer and is nearly ready for paint...

Show me what you have!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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