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Sup vortex looking for the following:

-Stock -OR- Semi Stock GTI VR6 OBD2 ONLY!

-Must be a 5 Speed w anything less than 160k BUT Chains need to have been done or get ready to negotiate on the price.

-Black Leather Interior is a MUST not interested in cloth interior!! Unless it is a Driver Edition-Left over. Interior and Seats should be good but depending on the age of the vehicle will be a deciding factor.

-Not interested in your rusted out mk3,, but for a mk3 some rust here and there wont kill. Paint needs to be in good condition.

-Well maintained is also a must!! Reciepts and service records are nice to have.

-Clean Bay,,Interior,,Exterior

-I am NOT interested in your pos molested VR!!

Im a bit picky but this is going to be my project car and want it to be as close to mint as possible. now show me what you.

I would prefer a Sequoia Green but post up what you have for sale.

Im located in Nashua,, NH but will travel for the perfect car.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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