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5/31/'21--No longer shopping for a newer Golf R. My bank is not currently giving out new or used car loans :( because of pandemic fallout.Sorry.Will be looking at a later time when finances bounce back.

2/20/'21----Hello Vortex community,
I'm currently looking for a Good to Very Good condition 2012~2015 Mk6 Golf R 6-Speed stick shift manual as a daily driver so I can retire my '04 Golf R32 (no,not selling,just retiring ;) ). Hoping to find a solid car in the immediate greater Philly/NJ/De area.I'm also scouring the internet for the same,but thought that maybe one of you Vortexers might have a better line on a really nice Mk6 R that wasn't already posted in a for sale ad.
Mostly looking for 4 door cars in Candy White or Carbon Steel Grey ;Tornado Red or Rising Blue are my secondary color choices.Not really looking for a BMP as black is too high maintenance of a color,imo.I'll certainly consider a 2 Door car but I already have one with the R32.Simply looking to have a more practical daily driver w/ slightly better fuel economy than the ol' VR6.
Any mileage is ok, obviously the lower the better.Mods are a-ok as long as it's not too extreme/unusable for daily use purposes.
I check in here weekly,so feel free to leave a note or message me directly through the Vortex PM portal.My name is Andy and I'm in Delco near Brookhaven Pa 19015. Thanks for stopping by to read the post!
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