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Hi Folks,

New around here. What I am looking for is a VW camper, similar to, but not necessarily identical to, a Eurovan.

Back in the 70s we had a VW Microbus, and later in the 80s a VW Bus. I am now looking to purchase a camper somewhere in the USA. It is irrelevant where, as I am able to pick up from... well, anywhere... other than Hawaii and Alaska.

It needs to be in good condition, with the priorities being safety, reliability and economy, in that order. It must have a bed and (three way) fridge. If it has more, that would be a bonus. Cosmetic appearance is not as important as the priorities mentioned above. Good mechanical condition is very important. I am not in any way mechanically minded.

The other musts on the list are automatic transmission, cruise control, air conditioning and radio. A pop up roof would be nice, but not essential.

Every two years I spend six months in the US, visiting with family members. In between these visits I do some sightseeing travels. To date these total just on 100000 miles, including two trips to Alaska and back. All of this is difficult to arrange in rental and borrowed vehicles.

I need a vehicle of my own.

Now that I have finally learned how and where to register and insure the vehicle, as a non-resident, I am looking for the vehicle. All I want is a small camper with the requirements set out above. As a senior female and solo traveller, it will give me a measure of ease and independence.

So if anyone sees one, anywhere, at anytime, please let me know. I am ready to buy when the right vehicle becomes available. The money is already in a US bank account.

Thanks for reading.

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