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Hey everyone, I'm in the market for a CLEAN Passat. Willing to spend a little extra to get a really clean, well maintained Passat. If interested, I'm open to trades (see the end of the post for my trades). Here's a list of what I'm looking for in the Passat:
- B3/B4 Passat - B4 highly preferred.
- Wagon strongly preferred, will look at others though
- Any engine (VR6, ABA, 16v, TDI if under a million miles
- 5-speed manual
- The more "loaded" the better. Leather, power, etc = good. Working AC a big plus.
- MUST BE CLEAN. I don't want some beaten, broken, dirty, used and worn Passat like 99% of them out there. I'm willing to wait to find the perfect one - I'm not settling for a turdwagon.
- Reliable. This means no major problems, few or no minor problems, and proof of maintenance history if at all possible
- I don't mind seeing 100k+ mile Passats, but they have to have been well maintained.
- Stock is absolutely fine. Tasteful mods are okay too. Don't need a ragged out, slammed and hard-driven car. Decent wheels and audio system are highly desirable though

- I'm willing to consider cars in Ohio and surrounding states. The closer the better, but I'm willing to drive a little ways if it's the perfect Passat. No west coast cars though, unless you've got a hookup on shipping

I'm willing to pay CASH for a good Passat, but I'm open to trades too. if you're interested, I have the following available for trade:
1. A1 Cabby 2.0 16v. This car absolutely screams (walked my friend in his mk2 VR6 Jetta coupe) and is a blast to drive. Sits on 15" TSW Hockenheims with Kumho rubber. Very clean, runs perfect, motor was rebuilt within last 20k.
2. mk3 Golf 2.0. Basically stock except for a TT exhaust, random CAI and an H&R cup kit. Currently riding on 14" snow steelies, but I have a clean set of 17" RH Evo wheels with decent Toyo Proxes as well.

So, watcha got? Pics would be most helpful if you have them too. Thanks all!
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