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WTF? An '86 Corrado GTX?

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I was browsing some Irish websites and saw for sale an '86 Corrado GTX... what the hell is this? Is it real? I was just trying to find something to get manual seatbelts out of and ran across it cuz i have someone in Ireland that will buy and ship whatever i want.
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Re: WTF? An '86 Corrado GTX? (WhiteG60)

Sounds to me like someone swapping badges. There was an '86 Scirocco GTX that I know about. They either messed up on the name of the car, or replaced "Scirocco" with a "Corrado" badge, thus creating a 1986 Corrado GTX. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: WTF? An '86 Corrado GTX? (URIN 2ND)

Yah there was no pics and it had no title, but he said 'boosted, electric wing, ABS, power windows/door locks' thats what threw me off
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