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WTF! Something always has to go wrong. PLease Help.

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Last night I was driving home and my 84 GTI started to misfire. I pulled off into a parking lot to see what was wrong and everything was fine again. I started driving again and right before I got home( 2 min later) it started doing it again. It was more like the car was killing and restarting because I was moving and in gear. I stopped at my house and it died and wont start and run. The fuel pump runs when the key is on( doesnt turn off) and the frequency valve makes a loud clicking noise like its going too. I am completely frustrated with this car at this point so someone please give input before I kill this car. BTW its a 84 GTI stock engine, stock fuel system, new filter, fuel pump. The car has a cold start problem until it runs for 30 seconds. PLease HELP!!
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Re: WTF! Something always has to go wrong. PLease Help. (Big CADDY)

Yeah its firing still. It will fire a little if I hold the key to start it, as long as the starter is going it will sputter.
Re: WTF! Something always has to go wrong. PLease Help. (83Rabbit)

Thanks to everyone who replied. I ended up fixing the problem.
http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif The plate in the airflow meter was stuck open. I cleaned it up and it runs like it used to, pretty decent.
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