UPDATED manifold offer below

WTS WTT turbo conversion. Here is a well matched system your 1.6/1.9 needs in turbochargings simplest form. This set up is focused on an easy turbo conversion for ANY 1.6d or 1.9d. And heavy considerations on fun driving and drivability characteristics

Professionally detailed & fully rebuilt factory o.e. k14 from a mk2 1.9td. Complete with port and polishing, ceramic coating and upgraded 360 thrust bearing.

K14 trapezoid 1.9td exhaust manifold, hot tanked, complete with turbo mounting bolts & bracket (usually M.I.A.).

Hard to find o.e. 1.9td downpipe

Rare B.A.E. turbo intake manifold, tanked and cleaned. (pictures BEFORE cleaning/prep)

My asking price is less than what i have into it.
$1475 will include below items wit full asking price
ALH intercooler (no picture)
(Mk3?) 3 port oil filter stand

will NOT separate


Decided to give up the pd150 with tube if buyer can option this if purchased pre sale of pd150. I'll definitely entertain serious full package offer$.

Pd150 intake with tube, straight from Germany

Welded, obviously won't work with egr. On the other hand less failure points. Perfect for a conversion or delete on about any td or tdi.
$195 shipped in the US.