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Hey guys! I bought these wheels in january from a guy in germany but i get bored pretty fast lol, so I'm trying to see what kind of offers i may stumble upon here. These wheels are in great condition no curb rashes and no bends/cracks. The tires are 175/50 i believe, Ive had them on since january so they're pretty new. I'm looking for something a little bigger in size 14's 15's. Im norcal local, but im pretty sure we can work out shipping:)

IMG_2433 by e36jams, on Flickr

IMG_2431 by e36jams, on Flickr
mk1 fitment shot

IMG_2429 by e36jams, on Flickr

photo 2 (2) by e36jams, on Flickr

dont worry i have a set of E code headlights now ;)
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