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122k Miles Runs mint.
5.4 v8 Always taken care of.
Synthetic oil every 3-4k miles.
Ran on shell v-power since i got it.
New rotors and brakes.
4 Door interior is mint, Had it buffed and waxed 3 months ago.
Minor scratches around nothing too bad.
This is basically what it looks like, Not mine. Has the bug gaurd and the window visors. No toneau cover and my truck doesnt have the tan accents. Mine is dark blue.

I would love to get my first dub, I love the mk4 Golf body. I also like the mk3 jettas, Maybe an mk4.

The truck is worth 11,600 Blue book.
I'd let it go for a vDub and some cash, Possiable even trade, But i have a loan on it so I'll pay it off with the cash and get you the title asap.
I'm in the MA Area, I'll go anywhere within 100 miles of it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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