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well, i started this thread in the capitol forum because i was looking for a local sale. and im still looking for a local sale in the maryland area. but, please dont hesitate to make an offer. and im sure you audi guys get offers to trade all the time
so here it goes

2001 silver 2.0l 8v golf (base model)
jetta front end conversion
euro rub strip (painted)
4motion front valence (painted)
badgeless grill (painted)
DTMautohaus crabon fiber hood (also have stock hood and grill)
Sparco hood pins
FK coilovers
eurosport front strut bar
BROCK B2's 17x10 and 17X8.5
wrapped and stretched toyo TS-1's from colour-tuning
Sparco Torinos black
Sparco harnesses black
rear seats taken out (but i stil have them)
42 draft design a-pillar boost gauge
NGP stage 2 turbo
t3 super 60
ATP manifold
2.5" custom DP (NGP)
TT 2.5" exhaust with borla hidden muffler
Spearco front mount with NGP painted on the front
Custom piping from NGP
HKS SSQ blow off valve
NGP plugs and wires
painted engine and battery cover
bosch in line fuel pump kit
Apexi AVCR boost controller - set at 9psi
misc turbo parts NGP (sorry but forgot all the lill parts but i do have a list)
has been turbo for over a year and a half with no problems at all. has been daily driver up untill il bought my 87 gti. there is about 65,000 miles on it.
my 2001 was at the NGP booth @h20 the past year. and i also took 1st place at mk3 massiv for best mk4. was about to pick up sponsorship from NGP to build the motor before i decided to sell or trade. so its basically a great car to build from. stock hp is 115hp around 90hp to the wheels. it know dynos at 174 to the wheels @9psi. (NGP has all the dyno sheets) its been tuned 3 times the past year and a half because of weather changes. im basically selling ot trading for the fact that im tired of having a hatch back. im looking into getting into a 4 door sport sedan A4 or S4 2000 or 01.
im also willing to trade my other car along with my 2001 golf.
1987 silver gti 1.8l 16v
FK coilovers with koni adjustables
deitrich rs front bumper (but will have OEM big bumper on soon)
single round lights
bonrath badgeless grill
preaty much else is stock
its riding on silver 17's - not sure what kind because i traded for them
i just got it back from NGP the past saturday for a tune up so the car runs in mint condition.
so my deal is both my cars for 2000 - 01 audi A4/S4 -
stock or modded please serious offers only.
FYI NGP has installed and tuned the 2.0t from the begining. and the 87 gti i bought from NGP for a daily driver. so both cars run great

thanks for reading....
and there is a pic in the capitol forum of the mk2 from the past saturday. and im sorry i dont have any pics of my mk4. i will hopefully get some pics up soon. there might be some pics from h20 maybe....
thanks again
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