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I've decided to offer my '01 VR6 Jetta up for trade to see what offers I get. Car is an automatic, no mods, and no engine codes. Car runs great, has Koreng (spelling) aftermarket rims and good rubber. Car will be in need of chains....they just started making noise at 133,000 miles so I parked it.
The good:
good running car
everything works
nice rims/tires
aftermarket radio
The bad:
Needs timing chains replaced soon
Needs antenna (base is good...cheap fix)
Minor crack in windshield
Glove box needs some work
Minor surface rust on rear truck lid
Center console is broken (have new one...just not installed)
1 wiper arm is broken (have new one and will be installing shortly)
I'll post pictures as soon as I get a chance to shoot them.
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