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Hi. I want to trade my 2004 b5.5 1.8t GLS 4motion Station Wagon auto, color dark blue, interior grey leather, front seats are heated, for a golf or jetta with a manual 2.slow MK3 or MK4 doesn't matter as long as the MK3 is not rotten. The car is in North Carolina, but i commute between nc and ny.

The reason? I no longer need it, it served me well for a year doing UBER evey weekend in NC, now it has 200k miles and since it is to old for UBER i cannot use it anymore. Not that i will go back to drive for uber for 10$ before expenses.

The bad:
1-front left axle needs replacement, i bought it new from NAPA, but this chinese garbage tore its boot. I have an old original rebuild-able axle to go with the car.
2-it takes a bit of oil, probably half a quart for 500 miles.
3-headliner sagging (easy fix)
4-some ashole rearended me, so there is a dent on the hatch and the bumper ( plenty good ones on the salvage yards and cheap)
5-randomly the transmission jumps from the 4-th to th 5th. Once you stop depress the brake pedal OR DRIVE A LITTLE IN THE 4TH GEAR it stops and switches well. (drove it like this since 142 k miles , no problems)
6-interrior and the exterrior is probably 6 out of ten. ( i am honest)

The good:
1-4motion is a beast
2-it is 1.8t parts for it are cheap and plentiful
3-all windows work, heat and a/c are good.
4-it is very roomy.
5-huge trunk.
6-comes with a spare front to rear prop shaft( i panicked once and installed a fresher one, paid 200 for the axle, but it turned out to be something else)
7-fresh tires
8-Turbo is good.
9-Fuel pump NEW
10-Window wipers new
11-Rear bench is super comfortable, and with the rear seats folded it turns into a cargo room or sleeping area. I used it for camping(comes with diy window blinds for camping).

Pictures upon request: whatsapp: 9172007194, e-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]

I want a smaller car with a manual. What if i don't trade? Honestly i am not in a rush. I keep on restoring it, while getting a nice honda fit to drive to work and use the big ol wagon for traveling and camping. But the more money i will invest in it the less i will be willing to trade. In plans are repaint for 2 bumpers and a new hatch, engine upgrade to 2.0 block, transmission overhaul or upgrade to a manual. Leather interior from eastern Europe new.


The car will be available in March. Currently it is in storage in North Carolina, and i am travelling the world until end of March!
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