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I have a 1990 corrado that ive had for a little bit now, It is a great car and has never gave me any problems. It has a vr6 swapped into the car, a shop in NJ did this and I have the papers for it. It was done extremly clean and looks like it was supposed to be in there. the bottom line is it has about 130k on the body and 100k on the motor also timing chains makes no noise.
-obd2 vr6 swap from a 1997 driver edition gti
-TT Performance Chip
-magnaflow cat-back exhaust sounds great
-MSD coilpack andspark plug wires
-Mk4 head gasket less then 15k miles
-Quiffe diff with 3.65 r&p clutch was looked at and had plenty of meat left when the tranny was out that was also replaced less then 30k
-patec coilovers
-european g60 headlights that cost alot of money brand new and are pretty rare
Only interior thing that is different is it has a pioneer headunit everything else is stock and everything in the car electronically works including the Rear wing

Over all this is a great car i am just seeing what else is out there
For an outright sale i would sell it for $5500

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