A next-generation CC based on the Volkswagen Passat is will almost certainly be built, but since we haven't seen the next generation US-spec Passat just yet, there is still quite a bit of speculation as to how it will look.  Using styling cues from the new European Passat combined with the general shape of Volkswagen's current CC, the artists at X-Tomi Design have given us a good representation at what the car could look like.

In looking at the rendering, X-Tomi's CC features unmistakable CC DNA throughout.  The roof has been lowered, beltline raised, and edges smoothed.  The designer has also seen fit to increase the grille size and wheel diameter, adding some much needed aggression to the design.  In all, we think it's a good representation of how we'd like the car to turn out.  We'll see how close X-Tomi came when the model is finally revealed.

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