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xray-boy (G60 transmision?)

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I found a good deal on a G60 transmision. Do you think when I do my swap (april) I should go ahead and put in the G60 transmision as well? 4 months ago I got a brand new transmision for my 8v so I don't realy want to, but its so cheap. What do you think.
If you think its a good idea let me know what is involved.
Thanks for all the help, John
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Re: xray-boy (xray_boy)

It is a great tranny to use, although the 16v Passat setup is probably best. It is the same setup except with a wider ratio. Also there are alot more Passats in the world than Corrados and Passats are "traditionally" not beat on as hard so the used trannies will be in better shape. It is the setup I think I will go with next year if my 020 stuff doesn't hold up.
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