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xray-boy (G60 transmision?)

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I found a good deal on a G60 transmision. Do you think when I do my swap (april) I should go ahead and put in the G60 transmision as well? 4 months ago I got a brand new transmision for my 8v so I don't realy want to, but its so cheap. What do you think.
If you think its a good idea let me know what is involved.
Thanks for all the help, John
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Re: xray-boy (john stephenson)

If I had to start over again I would use the G6o tranny fromt he start. The 16v rod shifted one is amazing with the neuspeed short shifter I had and the .75 5th gear, but as soon as I go the SS-BCS it started slipping, (within hours) and I hear some other guys on here have the 020 trannys and they are slipping even with the race clutches. Maybe they are slipping as bad as mine and you can get by with it, but mine was really bad, could barely touch the gas without it slipping. I tow a seadoo trailer in the summer and couldnt live with it. also it would just piss me off not being able to gun it whenever I want to.
to convert it you need the tranny, shifter box with cables, master cylinder, slave cylinder, lines, the brackets for the g60 tranny, clutch/flywheel from G60, bracket for brake booster and clutch master cylinder, brake master cylinder has an outlet for fluid to run to clutch master cylinder, and pedal assembly. get it all from a corrado or passat.
the G60 clutch is way more expensive than the vr6 clutch. I used the g60 flywheel (lightened by 10 pounds, but in the spring im getting another 6 off it, it started out at 26 pounds) and vr6 friction plate/pressure plate.
the cable shifter is a lot different to get used to but it doesnt slip, the top gear is .76 when I had a .75 before so it revs a bit higher. overall I think the ratios are good. they say its better to have a wide box than a close ratio one for a turbo anyway.
anyone else have more to add?
DAN '90 GTI 1.8T
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