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Updated as of 8/27/19

- Shaved marker lights and plate holes on front bumper
- OEM LED Euro tails
- Working city lights
- deAutoLED LED city light bulbs
- deAutoLED LED reverse lights
- "Carbon fiber" rear emblem insert

Wheels, Tires, Brakes:
- 18x8 Black (polished to gloss from satin) Sparco Assetto Gara wheels ET48 (ET43 front, ET42 rear after spacers)
- Hankook Ventus V12 evo 225/40/18 tires
- Adam's Rotors Sport II front and rear black zinc plated w/black hubs
- Carbotech 1521 brake pads front and rear
- 5mm ECS spacers front, 6MM rear
- 63mm M14x1.5 stud conversion front and rear

- ST XTA coilovers 70N/mm front springs w/ helpers
- Eibach 80N/mm rear springs w/ helpers
- H&R 26mm rear sway bar
- CTS rear subframe locking collar kit
- ECS front subframe locking collar kit
- H&R Street coilovers (uninstalled 3/25/19)

- R logo stainless seat inserts
- White LED interior bulbs
- OEM VW first aid kit
- R logo Mojo floor mats
- Euro cup holder
- Euro bottle opener
- Double Apex garage door button

Engine & Transmission:
- APR Stage 1+ software
- Volant intake
- DEI Reflect-A-Gold covered heat shield
- Borla catback exhaust
- Forge adjustable "Quick Shift" and "Side Shift" short shifter
- Force Fed Engineering Positive Engagement shifter bushings
- ECS solid shifter cable bushings
- Diesel Geek Super Slider
- Diesel Geek high performance side to side shifter bushings
- 034 Motorsport billet dogbone mount insert
- Audi TTS engine cover w/ custom Van Halen 5150 stripe paint job
- Audi R8 oil cap
- Black washer fluid cap
- Black expansion tank cap
- OEM MK5 R32 full size belly pan

- Alpine iLX-309 9" Halo9 headunit
- Double Apex USB passthrough for Android Auto
- Uber Stealth Audio under floor light weight (plywood not MDF) sub box
- Pioneer TS-SW2002D2 8" subwoofer
- Rockford Fosgate PBR300X1 amp
- Rockford Fosgate RF PEQ bass knob
- Kenwood eXcelon XR-1800P 7" component speakers (front doors)

- LED tail light coding
- Windows up/down via remote
- 2 Stage ESP

A little back story...

I joined the Vortex back in 2003 when I first got my 337 and of all the various car forums I've been a member of when owning various cars for some sick reason this forum was always my favorite. :D Speaking of favorites, of the now 9 cars I've owned the 337 was my favorite...up until the R. I took a 5 year hiatus from modding cars and drove a bone stock SUV...scary, I know. I blame that on the MK5 body style (not a fan) and the choice for the USA to only get DSG in the last R32 (really not a fan of that).

Anyway, that's not important. What is right now is my 337 since I figure I should show you new guys that real quick...the mod list on it is way way way too long to type though.

Pics from 2005...


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Looks good, those Sparco wheels look good for under a grand for a set. Looking forward to you living up the Xssive plate.:laugh:

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We've got similar taste. I bought a 337, sold it in 2005, but still came to this site every once in a while. Had kids after the 337 so was just waiting for VW to bring a 4-door R - and was stoked when Jamie made the announcement December of 2010. Picked up a white 4DR a few months ago and I'm loving it. 337 might still be my favorite car, until I go stage 1+ with the R. :p

Saw a 337 just two days ago - always makes me smile. :)

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Thanks guys.

psipassat...I think it already lived up to the XSSIVE plate in one aspect...2 weeks of ownership, 200 miles and already a decent amount of mods and a bumper that's about to get a shave and fresh paint before its first rock chip. I'd say all that's a bit eXceSSIVE. :laugh:

EZ...Yeah man, there was something special about the 337 even over the 20ths which were fairly similar. It just had the right combo of factory parts and color combos to get me to sell a 1 year or so old Camaro SS for one and not regret it at all.

webcrawlr...To me black wheels were the only option for this car. Everything is piano black on it so why not the wheels. The silver wheels just made it look too happy for lack of a better word. It needed a bit more of a sinister vibe.

GTI Fanboy...Thanks. The engine cover is staying but not in that color since there's nothing else silver on the car. So it's getting a custom respray while the bumper is being shaved. I'm not saying any more about the crazy ass idea I have for it though. It will be a love hate thing for some people I think.

[email protected] actually keep tossing and turning on tint. I'm pretty sure I won't bother but If I did it would be real light 40-50%. Odds are I won't bother though since I've gotten tint tickets before and just don't want to be bothered with it again. I was just looking at some Adam's rotors on your site. Those are on my future "to do" list with some Carbotech pads since the stock pads dust so much I've had to clean the wheels 4 times in the whopping 200 miles I've put on the car.

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I put 35% all the way around on my windows. Cuts down on the heat during the day and you can drive without sunglasses, but you can still see at night. Haven't decided down the road if I'll powder coat the stock wheels black or pick up some black Oz's, but agree black wheels on this car looks great!

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EZ...I've had all sorts of tint on various cars over the years from 5% (back in the stupid kids days of my first car :laugh:) to 20%, 35% and none. For this one I doubt I'll do any tint but if anything it will be real light.


Well chalk up another minor mod. While cleaning out the garage (You should see the amount of parts I have left over from past cars, it's scary...full turbo back 337 exhaust anyone? Stock 2000 Civic Si injectors and fuel pump...the list goes on.) I found some 5mm spacers also left over from my 337 so I tossed them on the rear. Minor change but just right.

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I flat out love them. Everyone who has seen them in person has had nothing but good things to say about them. They look good in pics but they look perfect on the car in person. Something about pics always makes wheels look a bit smaller. The style was the selling point for me and the price was just a bonus. If they were $250 or $300 a wheel I still would have bought them based on the look alone. The fact that they're under $200 a wheel was just gravy leaving more money for other mods.

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Bumper and engine cover won't be done 'til early next week but I did install (and order) some little BS mods while waiting...

-R8 oil cap
-Black washer fluid cap
-Black expansion tank cap
-White LEDs for all interior bulbs
-Hatch pop kit (in the mail)
-R logo stainless seat inserts (in the mail)
-"Carbon fiber" rear emblem insert (in the mail) I got tired of the matte plastic behind the chrome VW so until I decide if I want to paint it the pseudo 3m di-noc carbon fiber will do.
-VAG-COM windows via remote

Next on the to do list is to hook up the city lights in place of the shaved marker lights.

I'll take some pics when the bumper and engine cover are back.

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Back from the K&M Autocraft (Thanks to Keith and the guys there!) with a fresh marker light shave and custom engine cover paint job the "Atömic Punk" is born!

The guitar the cover is based on...

The reason why I did the Eddie Van Halen 5150 Kramer guitar style engine cover....

I've played and collected guitars for 18 years and of course EVH is a big influence on me as a player. I also build guitars as one of my jobs so I had to tie together my two loves of cars and guitars and it seemed like the perfect fit. Plus if you're at all familiar with Van Halen and the song Atomic Punk you'll also know why it's a very fitting name for the car based on the lyrics. :D

I also decided to use the incorrect "metal umlaut" for the name based on the long standing tradition of incorrect umlaut use from metal bands like Mötley Crüe and Motörhead and many more.

Anyway, I'm lovin' it and am so glad I decided to do something crazy with the engine cover instead of bland old black or body color or whatever.
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