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YAY new sparkplugs!

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So I was wondering why I was getting C/E lights all the time on the freeway and a rough idle. Well I guess this solved the problem!

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Re: YAY new sparkplugs! (germanrox)

damn those are some nasty looking SPs !
I've been having a kind of rough idle lately, time to pull the plugs

Oh ya, what kind have you found to be the best ? Nothin but the best for the CL ya know
, just are guess, those bosch platinums ?
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Re: YAY new sparkplugs! (Lyzic)

The one on the left looks like a bosch platinum2

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Re: YAY new sparkplugs! (Sebeck1)

Yes it is the "squared" or plus 2 or whatever they're called! They seem to work good so far, and after my drive down to Evolution and back I didn't have any chevy 350's with lightning bolts through it come on, so I think I'm good to go. New plug wires are on the way too.
Re: YAY new sparkplugs! (germanrox)

quote:[HR][/HR]chevy 350's with lightning bolts through it [HR][/HR]​
I thought I was the only one who though that.
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