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Re: Yeah, Yeah, I know, but what are these wheels and where can I get them (estus)

Ok, I found them by rooting through my stack of Sport Compact Cars. The magazine, not actual cars
It says they're the SSR Type X.
quote from some website: A rim produced in Japan by Speed Star Racing. Made with extreme light weight and strength using SSF process. Comes in 15" inch only, weight is only 10lbs each. A four spoke style available in Silver, White, or Black w/red lip, and red center cap. SSR is famous in the Japanese racing circuit for light weight rims.
The best rims yet, less unsprung weight equals lower ET's. The best part is i dont have to worry about seeing this rim on every freaking car in Florida like my old rims. The Japanese have a way with there cars, and esp. their rims, the attention to detail is second to none. Once you have a set of Japanese rims you will never go back!
These rims are on the high end of the Japanese aftermarket, in other words, they are very expensive, as well as hard to find! You can expect to pay $280-$340 each! And worth every penny, just ask some local tuners!

Damn, I guess I won't be buying those!
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