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So I went on a quick run to Wal-Mart to get some masking tape. It's about a 15 minute drive from my apartment.
After I leave the Wal-Mart, I hop in my car and start it up. Except this time . . . there was this strange noise . . . sounded like something metal just broke off (the more I think about it, the less I can determine what kind of sound it was, whether it was more of a ping or a clank or whathaveyou).
And now my car idles at 2,000 rpm . . . which on MY car (3" exhaust with no cat or muffler) is very unacceptable . . .

At first I thought it was the usual "Oh I just started up, or I'm just cold so lemme idle really high" thing that VRs tend to do. So I put it in a low gear and slightly let off the clutch to bring down the RPMs, but the car starts SHAKING more so than normal. I let off the clutch and the RPMs go right back up to 2,000!
Driving wise . . . the car seems to be normal. I've had a CEL on for quite a while now. But mostly because I'm on old C2 turbo software. I've done the searches and alot of people say "clean the TB" or "it's the TPS" or "vac leak" and also "ISV" . . . but that last one doesn't really apply since I'm OBD2.
I have the latest C2 software in a box on my desk. I plan on cleaning the TB and intake this weekend as well as give the car a general tune up . . . that should only help this situation. Hopefully, it was just a fluke and when I wake up tomorrow it will have "fixed itself". But just in case, are there any recommendations as to what I could look for?
Oh, for specs:
C2 Stage 1 VRT - The old software that requires the O2 sensors be unplugged.
30# injectors
4" MAF

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Re: Yet another High Idle VRT (Groundskeeper)

High idle VR?
I just went out today to see what'd happen if I started it again.
Sure enough, the idle shot straight to 2,000. I tried to bring it down a bit by letting off the clutch again. This time with a bit more success. I can bring it down and get it to stay at like 1,000-ish but it seems like it's struggling to stay alive. It almost feels like it wants to cut out whenever I put it in gear and try to roll from first.
Looking under the hood, everything LOOKS ok. But I dont' have access to my tools or anything to remove and thoroughly examine any particular component.
Any ideas? Suggestions?
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