Volkswagen is turning up the voltage on another classic van, and this time you'll actually be able to buy them. It's a 1966 T1 Samba that's been restored with a modern electric powertrain and VW Commercial Vehicle partner eClassics is planning to build them for sale.

The big, air-cooled engine bay of the T1 bus almost lends itself to conversions like these. And it's even easier since the originals made about as much power as a few dozen hair driers, meaning that buyer's certainly won't mind the extra performance an electric can offer.

The e-Bulli--VW vans are called Bulli in Germany, even today--concept is based on a 1966 T1 that spent its life in California before being brought back to its birthplace in Hannover for a thorough makeover.

The 43 hp original engine was dropped in place of a new electric powertrain. 82 hp and 156 lb-ft give it roughly double the power of the original van, with all of that torque arriving from zero rpm. It's a quicker, quieter van, though some may miss that classic VW air-cooled rattle.

There's a one-speed gearbox and the e-Bulli is electronically limited to 80 mph, up from the power-limited 65 mph of the original. A 45 kWh lithium-ion battery in the back supplies power to give the van a range of about 124 miles. then you can charge it to a groovy 80 percent in about 40 minutes to get back to goin up the country (baby don't you want to go?).

More than just an electric van, the T1 has gotten new shocks and struts plus multi-link front and rear axles and a new steering system with new disc brakes to bring the drive experience up to date like the powertrain. VW CV has applied some modern touches like the new paint, LED lights, and a charge indicator. As well as a completely revised interior with some more modern electronics like a new audio system with Bluetooth and USB but a vintage look.

eClassics is offering the conversion starting from 64,900 euros. They offer T2 and T3 packages as well.