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I sell a lot of VWs. People know I love them and sometimes just give them to me, I fix 'em up drive around for a bit and sell them. I was selling a Golf the other day and over the phone I said it has VW snowflake rims. The guy shows up with his entire family and is looking all over the car with a confused face.... Guy says:
"You said this car had snowflakes on it?! I don't see any snowflakes. What is going on here?"
I explained to him that the rims are named snowflakes and he seemed pissed off about it... He left right after still in a pissed state without even wanting to hear it run. Called me back a week later and I told him none of my cars are for sale to him. Pff I would have painted friggen snowflakes on the car if thats what he wanted so bad...
Another lady stops by and tells me the tires are all bald when there is still those little rubber pieces sticking off they are so new....

Anyone else have weird people come to look at cars for sale?
Why do I get all the whackos looking at my cars...
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