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Yummy Kerschers

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Just looking around Ebay .de


http://cgi.ebay.de/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1698454783 8x15 ET12 mit 195/45 15 Dunlop SP9000 Reifen und 9x15 ET12 mit 215/40 15 Dunlop SP9000 Reifen


[Modified by EvoVEnto, 9:35 AM 2-7-2002]

[Modified by EvoVEnto, 9:37 AM 2-7-2002]
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Re: Yummy Kerschers (EvoVEnto)

Thats just sick, 215/40 on a 10" wide rim. I want 10's now
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Re: Yummy Kerschers (SLC PUNK)

nice nice wheels ove there . I wisk the ebay here was half as good
Re: Yummy Kerschers (EvoVEnto)

Sweet wheels, but they won't fit in anything short of Marc's fenders....
Re: Yummy Kerschers (EuroStyle)

THOSE ARE DEEEEEP! They look sweet though!
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