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Z-Engineering Gunea Pigs Support Group

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To those lucky 10....
I am on the list as well to be 1 of the 1st to get the S/C Kit. I am as excited as you can't believe.

I would like the "Force 10" to all IM or e-mail me so we can plan a little get together if possible (I know a couple of you live very far srom SoCal).
Also, to all others...Nik @ ZE has promised me (and I suppose the other 9) that he will provide me a before and after dyno comparison on MY car.
When I get it I WILL POST IT. The dyno doesn't lie. It's the REAL BS meter!

Larry Silver
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Re: Z-Engineering Gunea Pigs Support Group (lsinlv)

Well, I could be one of the 10, but I'm not gonna talk about it, since it's supposed to be hush hush.....
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Re: Z-Engineering Gunea Pigs Support Group (zooman)

I'm thinking about it....
If they'll put in the Chip, mounts, and charger for free, I can't really turn that down....
poop, I figure, leave on a thursday night, get there....late Friday afternoon, either start work friday or Saturday morning....
Probably worth it, considering it's at least 5 hours labor.....and you get free dyno's
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