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I'm fairly new to Vortex and have been active on Golf V for a while doing a build. I figured I'd start a thread here. I'll add full details over time, but here's a little start:

Recent pictures:

A picture from a while back:

Engine bay recently:

Nice tips. Normally wouldn't brag about 4", but hey...:laugh:
Check relative to license plate.

Basic Engine Specs:

1. Balanced crank
2. IE rods
3. Wossner pistons
4. IE valve train
5. Shrick 272 cams
6. 910cc injectors
7. Precision 6766 turbo, ceramic center section, 082 exhaust housing
8. Billet Fuel Rail, Fuel Labs Pump, custom surge tank
9. Modified MkIV C2 short runner intake
10. Pro MAF
11. Hard line plumbing
12. 4" custom stainless downpipe and exhaust
13. Snow Performance Water/meth (decommissioned now)
14. Custom radiator/trick fan setup
15. Special head spacer
16. C2 intercooler
17. Turbosmart Eboost2 controller
18. Custom ECU and DSG software (Jeff Attwood :heart:)
19. Magic sauce (Tuning of Jeff Attwood :heart::heart:)

Running 27lbs boost for 654 WHP.

Brakes and Suspension

1. Brembo's
2. Ventilated rear discs
3. Haldex Gen 2
4. H&R front sway bar
5. H&R rear sway bar
6. Bilstein PSS10 coilovers
7. 19" Forgeline ZX3R 3 piece.
8. TT control arms.
9. Adjuster front camber.


1. OSIR carbon fiber mirror caps (painted silver)
2. OSIR carbon fiber rear valance (painted silver)
3. Roof painted silver to match
4. Audi S6 fog lights


1. OSIR vent gauge holder
2. TID Styling paddle extensions
3. TID Styling cup holder
4. OEM+ stuff

To be honest, I forget some stuff and would have to go back and update the list again. Lots of little things done that aren't listed here.

SOLD SOLD SOLD to Mike Olson of Further Performance who built the car.

2004 .:R32
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Can I have your brakes and engine? :eek:

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Can I have your brakes and engine? :eek:
:laugh: Well, you're first on the list for taking her for a spin on the Dragon. I'm not all anal about my car. The fun is having other .:R guys taking it for a drive because they totally get it. :thumbup:

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Hey Zev! Glad you fired up a thread over here. :thumbup::thumbup:

I would just like to point out at this time that "Stage Plaid" was originally my inspiration...

That is all, carry on...
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