It Begins: VW Teases Mk8 Golf with an Early Sketch

Well, at least we know it won’t be a massive departure if this recently released sketch of the upcoming Mk8 Golf is anything to go by. With about year before the 2020 model is released in Europe (and longer still before it’s USDA Approved) prepare yourselves for many teasers to come.

The latest sketch doesn’t lead us to expect a massive departure visually, but it does show some updated headlights. The new light signature should be drawn in DRLs when the model comes out and the whole thing looks like it will fit in neatly with VW’s current design language.

Rumors imply that the MQB-based offering shouldn’t feel all that different to drive, either. It will be an improved MQB chassis, though, so the drive should at least be improved, if not reinvented.

The big differences should come in the form of a 48-volt “mild-hybrid” system (that allows for slightly improved economy, a bit of a boost in power, and more accessories) and an exceedingly digital cockpit. Expect bigger screens and potentially more of them for all your infotainment needs.

With sales of the Golf down nearly 40% in the US this year, this new Golf will have its work cut out for it. Regardless, though, Scott Keogh, the region’s new CEO, has promised that the enthusiast offerings (GTI and R) will continue to be a focus for the brand, to keep it from forgetting its base.

The larger Volkswagen, too, is already making promises about the next GTI, telling Autocar that the new model will make 260 hp, with the help of that mild-hybrid system mentioned above. But that’s Autocar, so take it with a grain of salt.

Expect to see the Mk8 Golf launch in late 2019.

[via: TTAC]