Report: Bugatti is in Talks to Build a Million Dollar Electric Four-Seater

If a report from Bloomberg is to be believed, Bugatti is asking Volkswagen to let it build an electric four-seater.

But no overpriced V16 folly shall this model be, Bugatti wants its new project to have the reasonable price of between $500,000 and $1,000,000, which could only be considered affordable in Bugatti’s stable.

The report quotes Bugatti boss Stephan Winkelmann saying that he’s asking the higher-ups at Volkswagen real nice-like if he could be allowed to build an electric car.

From Bloomberg’s piece:

“The industry is changing fundamentally, and we have to address what opportunities there are to develop Bugatti as a brand going forward,” Winkelmann said. He acknowledged that it’s a “hard fight” to secure funds for such a niche project.

This hard fight comes despite Volkswagen’s previous assertions that every one of its subsidiaries should make electric cars a priority after a certain scandal that they were hoping to move past.

Bloomberg also points to this as a sign that even cars for fancy people who can afford to spend as much on a single black car as the nations of the European Union could cobble together to try and save the Amazon Forest, want electric cars.

Whoever could have predicted this with only companies like Fisker, Pininfarina, Porsche, Rimac, Tesla, Mercedes, Aston Martin, and soon Bugatti’s VW-owned sister brands Bentley and Lamborghini joining the fray to serve well-heeled car-freaks with electric predilections?

“If you look at that combination of brands, I think it would be unique in the auto industry,” Winkelmann said of his brand’s special car.

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