600 HP Mk2 Golf Has Nice Day at Drag Strip

He was out with his friends, smelling the burning rubber, watching some cool cars race, and winning a few himself. Those races just happened to be against cars that a Mk2 Golf has no business beating.

This video from the Gumbal YouTube channel, shows a red Golf drag racing somewhere in Europe (Germany?). The car was modified by Druckwerk and the video claims that its turbocharged VR6 is producing 600hp.

The Golf takes on some  pretty stern competition, including a TT, a Challenger SRT, and an Audi R8, beating them all.

Apart from the Porsche wheels, the sizeable brake discs, and howling engine, there’s little to alert you to the fact that is a giant slayer.

Take a look for yourself and admire this unusually quick Golf.