The Countdown Continues: The MK4

Volkswagen is continuing its countdown to the updated Golf in its latest video, focusing on the Mk4 Golf.

Although it wasn’t a huge visual departure from the Mk3 Golf, underneath there was a lot of new engineering.

“When they switched from the three to the four, you thought ‘Whoa, what’s different?’” says Sidney Hoffman, a German car show host. “Then you’d look again and again and you’d think ‘Wow they really are ahead of the times.’ For me, the Golf 4 is one  of the best designs.”

With the Mk4, Volkswagen was intentionally trying to take the Golf up market with better build quality, smaller panel gaps, and eventually the R32.

By 2001, the Mk4 Golf was the best selling car in Europe and as a performance car, it’s considered by many as a return to form for the GTI.