Video: 16 Valve Mk1 Golf Attacks Hillclimb Course, Shoots Flames

If there’s one thing that we can all appreciate, it’s a car that shoots flames.  Powered by a heavily tuned 240hp 16 Valve, this Mk1 Golf Hillclimb car is the sort of thing we wish we all could call our own.  And fortunately for us, the gentleman who actually does own this vehicle isn’t afraid to put it through its paces as seen in a video uploaded by YouTube user 19Bozzy92.

Seen in action at a hillclimb event in Belluno, Italy, the Golf appears to be quite quick, and certainly makes all the right noises.  Featuring a healthy amount of aerodynamic tweaks and flared arches to conceal wide wheels, it’s apparent that this Golf means business.

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