Video: 330hp Volkswagen T1 High Top Runs the Quarter Mile

Part of what makes life interesting is the simple fact that everyone is different.  Sure, this may lead us to argue with each other on the internet from time to time, but on rare occasions, it results in something that just sort of makes us scratch our, yet can’t seem to stop staring at.  Like this High Top T1 dragster.

Sure, a logical person wouldn’t attempt to make a race car using something with the aerodynamic properties of a cinderblock, but who ever said that logic and fun are mutually exclusive?  The builder of this T1 decided that a 2332cc flat four with 230hp would be a good start for their drag car project, then added a nitrous system because why not?  It all comes together to result in a 1/4 mile time of just over 12 seconds, which while not exactly what we’d consider fast, is quite impressive when you consider the object moving at that rate of speed.