Video: 673hp Volkswagen R32

Even after being out for a decade, the Volkswagen R32 is still a very desirable car due to Haldex All Wheel Drive, a 3.2L version of the legendary VR6, and a proper six speed manual gearbox, all as standard.  Due to their capable platform, the car has seen an abundance of love from the market, most notably from firms who have added a Turbocharger or Supercharger to the aforementioned VR6.

In the clip above, one such kit from German tuning firm BTS-Racing propels an R32 around some back roads at a very impressive clip.  From the looks of it, the turbo kit is just the beginning of this R32’s modifications, as it sports BBS wheels, big brakes, a lower ride height and a roll cage.  Be sure to keep an eye out for the extremely clean Volkswagen Caddy making a cameo early on in video as well.

Thanks to user vanessawild for the tip!