Video: Autocar Pits Golf R Against the Seat Leon Cupra 280

On paper, the Golf R and Seat Leon Cupra 280 are extremely similar.  After all, they’re both on the Volkswagen Group’s MQB platform, and feature power from the same 2.0 TFSI engine.  The key difference between the two models then (aside from interior and exterior styling), is the Seat’s lack of all-wheel-drive and the weight that goes along with.  Autocar Magazine decided to put the two on track recently to see if the Golf R’s additional traction would negate the Cupra’s weight advantage.

Throughout the roughly 9 minute film, Autocar does a series of lead-follow laps in both cars to determine which car has the advantage in feel, comfort and outright speed.  Unsurprisingly the more expensive Golf R was found to be the more comfortable car, with a much better interior.  As for outright speed, the winner of that contest might just surprise you.