Video: Beetle-Bodied Dune Buggy Assaults San Diego

Full disclosure- Just about everything you are about to see is illegal, and we don’t condone it.  However, if it turns out that some of the locations used in this film were closed for filming (we’d be shocked if they were), then we’d happily take a turn at the wheel.  Rather than drone on any longer, just take a look at the video, and we’ll discuss below.

Right.  Best as we can tell, this is more sand rail/dune buggy than car, but seeing as it’s got a Beetle body, we’ll allow it.  Power comes from a supercharged LS motor with 800 horsepower, and suspension travel appears to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 20″.  It’s got a license plate too, but we’d bet it’s just there for effect.  Jumps, wall-rides and other mayhem are all on display here, and apart from the destructive bits, we’d be all for it, if it were carried out in a safe, controlled environment.  Shame that it wasn’t.

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