Video: Boba Motoring’s 1150hp Golf Transmission Test

Boba Motoring has installed a DogBox transmission into their 1150hp all-wheel-drive Mk2 Golf, so naturally it needed a quick testing, and in true Boba Motoring fashion, video cameras were involved.  At this point, I’m not quite sure if the cameras’ primary use is to capture video for public consumption, or as proof that Volkswagens this quick actually exist.  See what I mean below.

Now, it’s important to remember that the speedo in this video is in kilometers rather than miles per hour.  With that stated, the amount of time it takes this Golf to accelerate from 50km/h (just over 30mph) to 240km/h (about 150mph) is just astonishing.  It seems that the Golf makes the most out of each and every single one of its 1150hp from the turbocharged 16-valve running 58(!) pounds of boost.

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