Video: Boba Motoring Sets New World Record in Mk1 Golf

If you’re a frequent visitor of ours, this is by no means the first time you’ve seen or heard of Boba Motoring’s “16Vampir” Golf Mk1 and its 1100hp 16 Valve four cylinder.  At this point, it’s a YouTube legend, with each video racking up hundreds of thousands of views in the first few days after upload, and to Boba’s credit, uploads are very frequent.  In their most recent video, the Mk1 sets a new World Record, covering the quarter mile in just 8.29 seconds at 174mph on its “high boost” 4 bar (a mental 58psi) setting.

In the video above, there a number of runs are shown from multiple angles, including the record setting pass.  If we had to pick just one though, it would without a doubt be the 16Vampir’s takedown of a 1300hp Nissan GTR that begins roughly 4 mins into the video.  Aside from the rear perspective of that video appearing almost like a hyperlapse, we can’t help but grin a bit when the little Mk1 walks past 1300hp

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