Video: Boba Motoring’s 1000+hp MK1 and 900+hp MK2 Face off in Drag Race

Boba Motoring is fairly legendary in the Volkswagen Tuning world, with their YouTube videos propelling the company to instant celebrity status.  Nearly 50,000 people subscribe to their channel to watch the company’s huge horsepower Mk1 and Mk2 Golfs race down the 1/4 mile at mind-bending speeds.  Recently, Boba Motoring uploaded a new video of their two most famous cars battling it out over the distance of 1320 feet, and while the end results may not be surprising, what is surprising is just how quick both cars are able to cover that distance.

Without giving too much away, the Mk1 and Mk2 achieve speeds of 175 mph and 155 mph respectively during the drag race, which is quite incredible. Since the video was filmed, the Mk2 has received a dog-box transmission, and if the quick teaser of it below is any indication, the car should be even more impressive on its return to the strip.