Video: Boba Motoring’s Mk2 Runs 8.99 in Quarter Mile

Boba Motoring just can’t help themselves, can they?  Putting their exhaustive 16 valve tuning knowledge to good use, the tuner has returned to the drag strip with yet another 4MOTION 16 valve turbocharged Mk2, looking to put one more Golf into the 8s. But because you can only do this sort of thing so many times without getting bored, Boba decided to make this car a bit different- retaining the full interior and coming in at a pretty hospitable 2600lbs.  I’d imagine it’s likely the most comfortable Golf to ever push 64psi of boost through four cylinders.

In the six minute clip above, you can see (and hear) the car in all of it’s glory, from the squat during takeoff, to the violence that ludicrous speed translates through the steering wheel.  Even more impressive is that after a day with six separate runs in at least the low 9s, all of which included the rev limited being beaten like a rented mule, the car simply doesn’t break down.   It’s got us thinking that Boba should probably get into the crate engine business.

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