Video: Everyday Driver Tests Mk1 Golf with 1.8T Power

Engine swaps have long been a staple of the Volkswagen tuning scene, going back to the days of the aircooled lineup. After moving to more traditional cooling methods, the lego-like nature of first and second-generation Golf and Jetta models continued the trend, making it hard for casual observers to identify which examples actually came with 16 Valve and VR6 power from the factory, and which were just really good swaps.  With the rise of the highly tunable 1.8T in the B5 A4 and later the Mk4 range, these new motors slowly found their way into the older models as well.  In their latest video, Everyday Driver takes one of these builds out for a spin.

Even if they could be considered relatively common nowadays, the idea of a 1.8T powered Mk1 has long been an aspiration of ours.  The combination of a highly tunable, low displacement, and lightweight powerplant in such a small car is a surefire recipe for hooliganism, and as the drivers in this video find out, it’s a great way to achieve a driving experience best described as magical.  It also doesn’t hurt that the GTI retains the sleeper look, making this one simply blend into its surroundings.

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