Video: EVO Drives the Audi R8 LMS Ultra

For many, the Volkswagen brand is a stepping stone towards something more upscale.  With that said, the interior quality, comfort and power trains that the brand offers do a pretty phenomenal job of keeping ex-Volkswagen owners in the family, whether that move is to Audi or to Porsche.  Perhaps the most aspirational of all moves for many enthusiasts like us, is the track-day specials that come straight from Porsche Motorsport or Audi Sport.  Recently, EVO Magazine was lucky enough to climb aboard one such vehicle to get a taste of what we’ve all been missing.

The result of their time in one of Audi’s R8 LMS cars isn’t so much of a review as it is roughly 10 minutes of V10 exhaust note- not that that’s a bad thing. Hotshoe Dickie Meaden is able to get a few words out while driving the car though, and as you’d expect, its mostly praise.  Having just spent a week in a road-going R8 V10 Plus on behalf of our sister site Fourtitude, I can certainly see how a pure race version would be the drive of a lifetime.

If you’ve got the cash, Team Phoenix actually has two of these things for sale.  Additional info on those cars can be found right here.