Video: EVO Pits Audi RS 3 and Golf R in Latest Deadly Rivals Film

EVO Magazine is in the fortunate position that they can simply phone up a few manufacturers whenever it pleases, and arrange for some of the more fiercely compared vehicles to be dropped off at their circuit for a ‘Deadly Rivals’ comparison.  For their latest edition, EVO has decided to get a new Golf R and the Audi RS 3 together for a grudge match.  Their results may just surprise you.

Things like ‘sharper’ and ‘slightly more amusing’ are thrown around quite often in the video, but they’re never about the RS 3.  But perhaps the most surprising bit of the film is the Audi’s penchant for understeer despite being able to put 100 per cent of its power to the rear wheels, or the quickness with which its brakes begin to lose effectiveness.  Add in that you’re able to leave the dealer with a new Golf R for £10,000 less than the Audi, and the VW suddenly seems like an even better proposition.  The Golf’s lap time ain’t half bad either.

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