Video: Frankenturbo’d Jetta GLI Gets the One Take Treatment

We’ve said in the past that we’re fans of The Smoking Tire’s ‘One Take’ series of videos on YouTube.  The videos can be pumped out with relatively little editing, and its shorter format is perfect to get to the point of the commentary without getting bogged down in hyperbole.  In the latest edition, Matt Farrah takes a Mk6 GLI with about 300whp on Decker Canyon Road.

There is much more conversation in this edition of ‘One Take’ than we’ve seen before, as Matt and the car’s owner John seem to get on quite well.  When Matt is able to get a word in, it’s generally positive about the GLI’s exhaust note, power and handling.  Of course like most ‘One Take’ cars, this one has its fare share of modifications including KW V3 Coilovers, a Cayenne Big Brake upgrade, and a turbocharger upgrade from Frankenturbo.

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